A traffic accident is a physical event. In the course of the investigation and reconstruction of a traffic accident, the direct and main causes for the accident are investigated.

The investigation combines four factors:

  • A physical calculation (based on forensic evidence) whose task it is to reconstruct the event in regard to: Forces, Velocity, Timing and Direction of Movement.
  • The analysis of forensic evidence to support and aid the physical calculation.
  • The inspection of the vehicle’s different systems and modules in order to determine possible causes for failure, and to retrieve data collected by the modules.
  • The examination of infrastructure and weather conditions and their influence of the incident.

The Institute of Forensic Science offers a unique combination of experts for the investigation of traffic accidents whose examinations apply lab tests and advanced simulation software programs, and all this under one roof, in order to provide comprehensive and complete solutions to determine what happened at the time of the accident.

The investigation of traffic accidents can provide answers to the following questions:

  • Driving speed
  • Direction of travel and impact
  • The state of the vehicle’s lights
  • Distances and visibility
  • The state of the vehicles various systems
  • A simulation of the accident

The Institute for Forensic Science carries out simulations of car accidents.

The Institute for Forensic Science performs alcohol tests to determine the level of alcohol in the blood of those involved in a traffic accident.