finger print

The fingerprints of persons are one of their unique characteristics. A person’s fingerprints never change, form birth until death.

There are large data bases of finger prints all around the world. There is no known case in which two identical fingerprints were found that belonged to different persons.

The Institute of Forensic Sciences takes care of all aspects of fingerprints:

  • Taking fingerprints – On behalf of government institutions (national and international, and for all needs and purposes in labor cases.
  • Development of hidden fingerprints – The experts at the institute are highly experienced in developing (lifting) fingerprints which are hidden, both on objects arriving to be examined, and the scene of the actual event. The Institute of Forensic utilizes the most innovative development technologies available.
  • Copying fingerprints – The Institute’s experts create reproductions of visible fingerprints (or of those produced by dusting), from objects or the scene of the actual event.
  • Comparison of fingerprints – The Institute of Forensic Science performs comparisons between different fingerprints, for a variety of purposes, both in criminal and civil cases. The art of comparing fingerprints requires specialist training as well as a lot of patience.

The Institute of Forensic Science also examines the correctness of police evidence in relation to fingerprints found in criminal cases.