Every event – and of course, also every insurance claim – is characterized by a scenario. There are times when the insured party claims a certain scenario while the insurance company claims a different one.

The experts at the Institute of Forensic Science have the knowledge and the technological means to support or eliminate certain scenarios, in order to offer the most likely version.

The choice of the most likely scenario is based on the examination of evidence at the scene of the event and the analysis of the results obtained from them. Sometimes, the specialists at the Institute of Forensic Science are requested to examine scenarios that happened years ago. In such cases, it is necessary to receive the scenario’s documentation that had been produced in real-time.

The Institute of Forensic Science offers experts to examine scenes and to analyze evidence and findings obtained there. The Institute’s specialists arrive at the scene, document it, collect evidence from it and examine it and analyze the results. After the results have been analyzed, a report is created which describes the most likely scenario for said event. 

The Institute’s experts carry out examinations of reports written by other specialists and check the correctness of their conclusions against the evidence and findings from the scene of the event.