Documents are an inseparable part of our daily routine. The importance of documents is huge in every area of life. Documents determine the ownership of land and money, documents certify the authenticity of other documents, and many times, documents anchor the agreements made between parties – documents can seal people’s fate.

The Institute of Forensic Science is the only place in Israel which examines all layers of a document (or of documents) under one roof while providing comprehensive answers in regard to a document’s authenticity:

  • The examination of the paper
  • The examination of ink and printing agents
  • The examination of handwriting and signature
  • The examination of various factors contained in the document
  • The examination of the relative order of appearance of two factors included in the

The examination of a document’s authenticity at the Institute of Forensic Science makes it possible to provide answers in a number of areas, among them the following:

  • Is the document’s age matching the date appearing on it?
  • What are the writing utensils / printing means used for the document’s creation?
  • Where a number of writing utensils or printing means used for the document’s creation?
  • Was the document written in sequence?
  • Does the document contain parts or sections which were copied / transferred to it from other sources?
  • Was the document created as one unit, or by one author?
  • Does the handwriting / signature match the handwriting / signature of a specific person?
  • Does the document contain sections which were added to it at a later time?
  • Were part of the document’s pages replaced by other pages?