Most of the information known to us today is stored in digital files. The files are found on computer drives, recording devices, cameras, telephones, players and in every media storage device.

In addition to digital files, information is stored on other devices – magnetic audio or video tapes or magnetic cards.

The experts at the Institute of Forensic Science are experts in determining the authenticity of every type of electronic file and record. The authentication of electronic files and other storage devices examines a number of factors, among them the following:

  • The addition of external information
  • The duplication of sections
  • The replication or removal of information
  • Various modifications
  • The dates of various actions
  • The sources of the information stored

All factors examined provide details about the originality and reliability of the information.

The examination of authenticity is of decisive important in all cases in which information stored in an electronic file or on magnetic media is presented. Today, these cases encompass all areas of criminal and civil activity.