The biology laboratory is a forensics lab that specializes in producing DNA from every biological source, comparing DNA and analyzing mixtures.

Our experts are forensic biologists, capable of using DNA results and other biological evidence as the basis for analyzing possible scenarios. The experts at the biology lab of the Institute of Forensic Science command extensive experience in analyzing mixed profiles.

The laboratory provides services of analysis and comparison in the following areas:

  • Criminal law – comparison of DNA, Analysis of body fluids
  • Medicine and health – biopsies and DNA comparison
  • Industry and agriculture – examination of contamination and biological parasites
  • Law enforcement – analysis of DNA of living creatures, analysis of body fluids of mammals, and more
  • Traffic accidents – comparison of DNA, location of involved parties inside the vehicle
  • Insurance claims – comparison of DNA, location of involved parties inside the vehicle, analysis of body fluids and secretions and more
  • Damages – comparison of DNA, identification of the DNA’s source, and more