The meaning of the word “forensics”

The word ‘forensics’ derives from the Roman word, ‘forum’, a place where public trials were held in Ancient Rome. In English, ‘forensics’ describes the use of scientific evidence to solve crimes – ‘forensic evidence’. The term often relates to the more general use of forensic examinations and research, aside from the use of forensic evidence.

Forensic Research – Objective

Over the years, the objectives of forensic research have undergone many changes, and today the science has diverged beyond mere criminal tasks, as required by the police. Forensic research also serves civilian aims, since this form of investigation can also identify materials or the source of mechanical mishaps and the responsibility thereof. Such fields include industry, consumerism, insurance and marital issues.

The Institute for Forensic Science provides laboratory, consulting and training services to a wide and diverse range of clients:

  • Courts
  • Criminal & civil lawyers
  • Assessors
  • Insurance companies
  • Government ministries
  • Industrialists from various fields
  • Investigators
  • Merchants
  • Hospitals & health funds
  • Marketing entities
  • Importers & exporters
  • Individuals requiring objective and professional laboratory and consulting services