The Institute for Forensic Science boasts a staff of experts from a variety of scientific fields. The following list is a partial presentation of experts who work with the institute. In addition, we have access to a host of outside professionals with whom we consult and upon whose expertise we rely, based on the circumstances.

Dr. Anat Samuel – A PhD in in Biology from the Hebrew University, Dr. Samuel is highly experienced in the production of DNA and other biological materials. She is also an experienced mixtures profile analyst.

Dr. Shlomo Levy – The former head of the Analytics Laboratory at the Israeli Police’s Forensics Laboratory. A PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Hebrew University, Dr. Levy served in senior positions in the police from 1984, including as head of Quality Assurance.

Avner Rosengarten – The former head of the Fibers & Polymers Laboratory at the Israel Police’s Forensics Department. With a BSc in Chemistry and an MSc in Applied physics from the Hebrew University, Mr. Rosengarten is the director of the Institute of Forensic Science and a member in tow European professional groups:

  • The European Textile & Hair Group (ETHG) – a working group of the European Network of Forensic Service Institute (ENFSI)
  • The European Association for Accident Research and Analysis (EVU).

Yochai Kitron – Former head of the Polygraph Unit of the Israel Shin Bet (general security forces), Mr. Kitron has an MA. in Public Administration from Bar Ilan University. He served in the security forces for 30 years before retiring in 2003, and is today a member of the Israeli and US Polygraph Societies.

Ra’anan Ya’ish – A Computer Networks Engineer, Mr. Ya’ish is an expert in identifying and neutralizing security threats in computer systems. He is vastly experienced in maintaining and managing networks, including government computer networks, and has a BA in Computer Network Engineering from John Bryce College.

Alex Ranev – Video and photography expert (comparisons, authenticity checks, quality improvement). Alex has vast experience in forensic examinations of video, image and audio files.

Fafi Viner – An expert in the field of investigating and reconstructing traffic accidents. Rafi has ample experience in examining accident scenes and analyzing them – both practically and theoretically.

Chief Superintendent (ret.) Asher Ben Artzi – Former director of INTERPOL in the Israel National Police. Ben Artzi has MA in public administration from Haifa university and he is associate of the Institute for Counter Terrorism ICT in Hertzliya.