The Institute of Forensic Science was established in 2007 by a team of experts with years of experience in evidence examinations – veterans of the Israel Police Forensic services Department – with the aim of providing forensic services to the wider public.

The institute performs researches and studies, whose results are applied in its laboratory examinations.

The Institute of Forensic Science was founded and is managed by Avner Rosengarten, a former senior expert in the Israel Police Forensic services Department. Rosengarten served with the department for over 19 years, investigated a chain of highly publicized cases. He established the institute to provide a variety of high-quality materials analysis and comparison and crime scene investigation services to civilian customers.

The institute offers the expertise of academic specialists from the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, materials, computers, sound and photography.
Beside from its in house experts, the Institute uses outside experts from various scientific fields.

The Institute maintains professional relationships with other forensic laboratories in Europe and in the USA.

Technology and Equipment

The Institute’s laboratories are equipped with the latest in equipment required to carry out its various tests. This includes spectroscopy, chromatography and DNA testing equipment, as well as a wide set of analytics programs.

The Institute is capable of performing a complete array of analytic and comparative deciphering processes. The institute has clean-room facilities for examining evidence under totally sterile conditions.


The Institute of Forensic Sciences counts amongst its clients:

  • Courts – in civil cases,
  • Law firms – both criminal and civil,
  • The public attorney’s office,
  • Insurance companies,
  • Assessor’s agencies,
  • Public institutions and private individuals.


The Institute of Forensic Science maintains relations with other forensic institutes around the world, and together with them promotes the forensic science knowledge base.
The Institute also maintain regular contacts with various Israeli universities and research institutes.

The Institute undertakes research activities that are then applied in its examination methods.


The Institute provides laboratory examination services as well as consulting and training services, in a number of fields:

  • Criminal cases
  • Road accidents
  • Documents examination
  • Chemistry and Materials
  • Biology and DNA
  • Computers and Media
  • Insurance and Intellectual Property
  • Polygraph and Fingerprint